Sunday, February 10, 2019

A Fuss With The Furs

The discovery of this old blog (2010) turned out to be a discovery of the growth of love for dearest pets which started with some grumbling and eventually maturing into a lifetime affair.

 Part I tells my initial encounters with the "dogs" and Part II tells how "dogs" turned into "fur babies."


Disheveled sofa, reeking ambiance, T-Shirt, shirt, bed sheet, hand towels or anything that has a surface; all smothered with tiny fur……welcome to the home of Dog Lovers!!! Of course, the description will not be the highlight of the Dog Lover’s version. For him talking about dogs will be an ongoing legend of a creature who enters his life and becomes the centerpiece.

In the morning while you wait to share the exciting dream, you had last night or the latest headline of the newspaper over a hot cup of tea or coffee you will find him fiddling with his soft companion’s paws, mouth, nose, and tail. He is utterly oblivious of the people and world around, even sometimes cleaning up the residue with a big winning smile on the face and light in the eyes as he seems to get a chance of the lifetime to be in the service of that divine being.

 Ohh yes! The whole afternoon is one of the problematic periods where he has to make sure amidst busy schedule and calls about the appetite, sleep and other activities of the creature, and it's easy on you as you spend time in your world without furs (fuss?)

Evenings carry some hope that the whole day’s business might have made Him realize the existence of the outer world and people. You look forward to some anecdotes in the turn of which you will relate yours, but all the aspirations meet with their end when you find him preoccupied with the health and the looks of the little being after a day long.

He keeps looking at him just as a great painter will look at his creation, a jeweler to a diamond or doctor to a patient. A bone singling out in its body will make him upset, or he will suddenly exhilarate at the way his hero has fetched one of the members slipper between his teeth or broken a vase with a sudden rush. When you are found jumping, shouting aloud in the anticipation that after the slipper your toes might be the next target, you discover that you have already become the laughing stock. While you are trying to gain composure, in His eyes you can see the full appreciation of the undaunted act of  His champion!

He holds this fur member in his hand like a trophy and everyone who makes a mistake of visiting his home has to pay a big price by listening to his star’s accomplishment with a ball or a rope in the house. Soon the visitor finds oneself continually nodding, raising the eyebrows in surprise and faking the smile to the point that the jaws and the corner of the lips deny stretching further!

 If you dare to ask the divine being to step down from the sofa or prevent it from entering into your room or would like to enjoy every morcel of the food without someone else trying to reach your plate then be ready to be tagged as the most insensitive, rude and inhuman.  The guilt that will then follow will make you question your values throughout the day.

Hey! Please don't mistake me like a Dog hater. In fact, in all these years I have known one: chotu, who is so dear to me, but it's just that while I enjoy hugging him, I am not able to take my eyes off from the cushion fallen on the floor!
                                      The very vibrant and loving Chotu.We miss you!


But now, over the years, beyond all the fuss and with all the lovely furs on my sheet, clothes, bags, mind, and heart:  I have earned a position similar to "him" in the above recount.
 The beloved pets counteracted my critique with an innocent gaze,  nudging paws and a hug without a cause.

I would love to get up with a muzzle on my face and would not care much about the disoriented world in the morning over tea as long as that curled soft body is lying at peace teaching to be in bliss in the present.

Over the years life teaches us all that unconditional love is conducive for health than a cushion set on the sofa.

                                The new found love: "Dazzle". Thanks to our friends Akansha and Yethin for   sharing their love with us!


A Fuss With The Furs

The discovery of this old blog (2010) turned out to be a discovery of the growth of love for dearest pets which started with some grumbling...